Hi, my name is Lydia Malino, professional makeup artist and founder of ILLI BOX. The initial motivation for ILLI box creation came about due to the frequent questions from my clients regarding cosmetics. My answer as always is: "Everything is personal!". Every person is unique thus the needs are very different, this applies to body and facial skin type as well. I can advice my favorite products, but before you hurry and spend your money you really should try them and understand whether they suit you. This is why I committed myself to bring you this beauty box.

A beautiful box full with beauty treats

ILLI BOX provides you with a wonderful opportunity to try a variety of high brand cosmetics and skincare products with minimal financial investment.
After you try these you can buy the full products at our local cosmetics retailers noted in the brochure.
Please, have a pleasant time with ILLI Box!

Brand Collaborations

We are always looking for exciting new products to include in ILLIBOX! Please contact info@illicosmetics.com to discuss product placements and brand collaborations.

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